How to get rid of fleas on dogs naturally

fleas on dogs

When it comes to your loved ones, your pets, your dog or puppy, nothing can lead to more discomfort than fleas.  Here, in this article we are going to tell you the most effective methods which will teach you how to get rid of fleas on your dog naturally at home.

Do you want to know more facts about fleas? If yes, you are at the right place. Fleas are the small insects that feed on the blood of mammals. fleas in dogThey do not have wings, so, they cannot fly but they can jump from one host to another. Fleas love to survive on the warm vertebrates, thus your cats, dogs and rabbits become their hosts. They can also transmit diseases like plaque and myxomatosis. They are considered as the big threat to the well-beings of the pets and families.

There are number of chemical products available in the market to get rid of fleas but they can harm your pets. It is better to try natural treatments which are completely safe and cannot harm your pet. You can try them easily at home and they are effective too in getting rid of fleas fast. Some of the most common and effective natural ways of getting rid of fleas are discussed here.

Effec0tive Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Fleas

Use a flea comb -:  

flea combA flea comb is the easiest and most effective way for getting rid of fleas on your pets. Using flea comb will keep your pet well groomed, healthy and happy. You need to buy a good quality product that combs all the fleas out of all the sizes, including eggs and larvae. Always use a flea comb with narrow teeth but before using this, make sure that the fur on your dogs is not tangled to avoid pain when you comb it.

Use apple cider vinegar to repeal fleas -:

Apple Cider Vinegar Add one teaspoon full of fermented apple cider vinegar to a quarter liter of water and let your dog drink this throughout the day. Do you know why I am saying this?  This is because apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature which keeps the skin or coat of the dogs slightly acidic which naturally repels fleas and even kills them.

Use boric acid powder -:

boric acid powderBoric powder is one of the powerful natural remedies to get rid of fleas. Use boric acid powder or borax to dust areas that are less exposed to sunlight and the areas where the humidity is higher than 50 percent. Take care while applying boric powder because some dogs can’t tolerate its smell. After a couple of days, all the eggs will dry out even the larvae will also suffocate to death. After this procedure, you need to vacuum away the boric powder.

Use rosemary for flea control -:

rosemaryRosemary is also a great remedy for getting rid of fleas. If your house is not badly infested by fleas but yes, if it is irritating due to mild flea infestation, rosemary herb will be a good option for you. You can use rosemary in different ways. You can try rosemary powder or its oil for killing fleas. You can give a bath of rosemary water to your dog or rosemary oil can be poured in your pet’s collar. Another method is that you can sprinkle rosemary powder in your home, on carpets, floor and furniture to make your home fleas-free.

You can try any of these remedies to get rid of fleas fast. Dogs are the most faithful animals and it is your duty to take care of them. They will not tell their problems to you and they are also like your family member so, treat them like your loved ones. Preventing the fleas from developing at the first instance will help you a lot in your efforts of killing them.


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