About Us

We are a group of compassionate and experienced pup lovers and owners, who want to create a safe home for your fur-child. Dog health care at home, aims for helping you with treating some of your paw buddy’s minor health problems, without investing in huge veterinary institutes, losing your sleep and serenity every day. This site is completely dedicated for you and your fur-kids natural safety and well-being.

We have a great team of experienced and certified professionals, who work day and night, in collaboration with some of the best few veterinarians across the globe, to come up with some natural home therapies and healthiest recipes for your fur child’s best health and temperament. We can also help you with the personalized training suggestions for your pup, without any extra cost.

We also have the best lineups of experienced and passionate trainers, who can provide you with expert training advice for some naughty, hard to control moments. And if you have any other doubts or queries, never hesitate to write us down about your problems in detail. We will always be there for you, 24*7*365. For more personalized and helpful tips, subscribe us and stay updated.



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