Rabies in Dogs and Its Symptoms

rebies in dog

Rabies is a type of disease that affects various mammals such as domestic dogs, cats and rabbits, and wild animals such as skunks, raccoons and bats and these animals are the main reason that generally affects human with this virus. Rabies is a type of virus that affects mammal’s nervous system, spinal cord and muscles and it is the main reason of brain inflammation. Once this virus has entered in your body, restlessness and apprehensionthis rabies┬ávirus starts working against you and your nervous system and causes deadly symptoms. It is one of the viruses that evoke fear among human because it is a very deadly virus and the survival rate is very less if once the symptoms have arisen. In this disease, the host of this virus usually killed by this disease.

How Transmission of Rabies in Dogs Takes Place

Transmission of this virus usually occurs through the physical contact. If a mammal is already infected by this virus and if it pierces the skin of other mammals then rabies virus automatically invades the other mammal and this is what happens with your dog. If your dog gets bitten or even gets scratch by those animals that are already affected by this virus then it’s not good for your dog. Therefore it is better to take your dog to the animal physician as soon licking infected areaas possible as it could be harmful to your dog and even for human beings who are around that dog. There are various symptoms of rabies in dogs that can be life-threatening for the mammals that are affected by this virus including dogs. The first symptom that any mammals face changes in their behavior. They start behaving awkward all the time. Extreme behavior changes causes restlessness and apprehension and this symptom rabies in dogs often turn into extreme aggression. Even a domestic animal can be irritable and often want to attack in influence of this virus. At the initial stage of this disease the friendly animals become docile, irritable and even may snap but aggressive animals become affectionate.

Different Stages of Rabies in Dogs

Most of the animal regularly used to lick there infected place and even they chew those areas that have initially infected by this virus. After the initial stage, Furious stage of rabies virus comes into effect. In this stage of rabies, the dog will be very furious towards anything. The furious stage of rabies generally lasts 1 to 7 days in dogs. In this stage, your dog may become hyper-responsive to auditory and visual stimuli. feel difficulty in swallowing and heavy breathingAs they become more restless they begin to roam here there and everywhere and become wicked. The third and the final stage where respiratory failure usually occurs in almost all the mammals that they can’t able to take breathe and it often results in death.

In this stage of rabies, your dog may feel difficulty in swallowing and heavy breathing may clinch your dog and because of suffocation, you may find your dog dead state. Your dog even starts eating unusual things even your dog may start eating inedible stuff as well. Therefore don’t take a chance and if you know you dog have been bitten by other rabies prone animal then you should be aware and take your pet to the veterinary doctor.